How Marketing Works

Most people act like marketing is magic. It's just this mysterious thing that happens, and they don't know why it works or how it works. It's either super technical programming languages, google, and math, or it's about some unachievable level of beauty and art available only to the uber-gifted.

The truth is that marketing is very simple. First you need to get people's attention - that should be obvious. We got your attention which is why you are here.  

After you have someones attention, you want them to buy from you. Although it might be more complicated than this in practice, there are basically two ways to convince people to purchase your product or service.

The first way is by building a brand. This post is version of that. 

The second way is by making an offer they cannot refuse. Here are a few examples of that.

That's it...

Sorry to burst your bubble but it really is that simple. 

We prefer to do some form of both in our advertising. Coincidentally, this is the secret of the worlds greatest ad men. We've compiled this highly effective yet unknown system here.