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7 steps to Triple the revenue generated by your website

97% of the people who interact with your business will go to your website prior to interacting with you. Today, your website functions as your storefront. The goal is to attract visitors and encourage them to chose your products and services. Unfortunately, only 5% of businesses give any thought to developing a website that has a system to first, attract the RIGHT visitors, and second, systematically turn those visitors into customers. A lot of businesses are willing to spend good money on new websites but few are putting into place a system to maximize the ROI on that website. By putting into place this 7 step plan, almost any business can triple the revenue that is generated from online visits.

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The four step guide to facebook video commercials that sell

Complete with world-class examples and templates, this guide will show you the secrets behind Facebook video ads that have generated hundreds of millions of views and hundreds of millions of dollars.