4 Facebook Ads Responsible For $5,000,000 In Sales In 2017

The world of advertising has been turned on its head over the last 5 years, and, unfortunately, a large majority of small businesses are not taking advantage of their greatest asset.

The fact is, when it comes to advertising on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, small businesses have a major advantage over large businesses.

[Note: The campaigns shown below are direct response in nature. Meaning, they are designed to cause the viewer to take action immediately.  They are the bread and butter of what drives sales. However, for even more remarkable results, we recommend a multifaceted approach that will also build your brand over the long term. We call this “Direct Branding”, and you can see what others have to say about the results by clicking here.]

It might surprise you, but the reality is that most giant corporations have not yet jumped on the bandwagon of social media advertising. This means the cost is still really low compared to advertising mediums larger companies use, like television and radio.

That’s just the start. The really important part is that social media is all about personalized, authentic messaging. Isn’t that the very thing that small business owners are known for? Personalized service, personalized relationships… these are the types of interactions that drive social media. It’s all about socializing, and that is the very thing you, as a small business, are best at!

Stop saying that you, “don’t get this social media stuff”! Your business can blow up overnight with the right social advertising strategy and execution.

Not only that but, by using our proprietary approach of “Direct Branding”, you can position your business as THE SHOP, and set yourself up for the future you desire.


1.       Your customer’s eyeballs are on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

2.       8 out of 10 Americans who use the internet are active on Facebook.

3.       Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

4.       You can target your ideal customer and exclude everyone you don’t want to see your ads.

5.       You can track everything.

6.       It’s cheap! Seriously, relative to any other type of advertising, you can reach more people for less money than anywhere else.

Below are four real advertisements that we have used with incredible success to get ROI’s as high as 3,000% for our clients!


This is a go-to play for us because it brings traffic to into your physical location or website immediately. It works particularly well if you have a high ticket item that you can offer after the introductory offer. We’ve seen this work many times with chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, dermatologists, medspas, and HVAC contractors.

For example: A dentist can offer a huge discount on the initial exam. This introductory offer gets people in your doors, so chances are good that the people responding to the ad are people who have been putting off going to the dentist and will most likely need additional work done. After that initial visit, you can sell them additional services.

Here is an ad we have run for dozens of chiropractors with amazing results:

This basic and “ugly” campaign has produced thousands of new patients for our chiropractic clients across the country.

It’s a killer strategy if your organization is good at sales. We have used this hundreds of times for our clients. This one play alone is responsible for over $5,000,000 in sales.

One common concern about this strategy is the advent of low quality clients, but with Facebook, we can target by specific income levels so only your ideal customer will see the ad.


This one is a killer option for service based companies that rely on canvasing neighborhoods, like roofers, solar companies, or window companies. Realistically, nobody wants to have aggressive people knocking on their doors – and we can bypass that entirely.

Here is how we do it: the advertisement calls out a specific neighborhood and we use an eye-catching photograph. We then tell people that your company will be in their area on a certain date, and if they have any questions about their roof, you would be happy to stop by and take a look.

People don’t want to be disturbed in their homes. Sure the pushy door to door prospecting still works but, not as well as the perfect Facebook Ad.

You will be amazed at how many people are happy to book an appointment directly off Facebook, but won’t answer the door for a canvasser.


This is our favorite play for restaurants, but it also works for other businesses. Basically, the business needs to come up with an awesome promotional giveaway. Something like a $100 gift card, or free pizza for 3 months. It has to be a no brainer that people will want.

The main goal is to collect email addresses so you can market to them later through your email newsletters and offers; but there is an added benefit.

After the prospect submits their e-mail address to enter the giveaway, we bring them to a “thank you page.” We thank them but also offer a one-time offer such as a half-priced entrée or a free beer. The results can be astonishing – most businesses report that although the patrons come in for a sale item, the average ticket price ends up being higher than a normal customer.

The gift that keeps on giving. This one used a catchy video of the “butcher” and was shared almost 300 times with the community.


The last Facebook ad we are going to share is the human-interest video story. This has worked for every type of business, from a billion-dollar corporation, right down to a local business with one employee.

The idea is simple: rather than try to sell your products right away, you lead with a story about your customers or a story about your business that centers on a person. This touches your prospects on an emotional level, which creates a deeper connection to your brand or business. With that connection, people are more likely to convert on your later offers.

Nobody does this better than Yeti coolers but it works even better for local businesses.

Furthermore, this type of advertising doesn’t feel like advertising and it positions your brand in a favorable way to the audience. Previously, with television commercials, it was difficult to create a 30 second commercial that could tell much of a story. With Facebook, you can tell a complete story in 3 minutes that people will actually watch.

After the human interest video, the viewer would go to a page that offers your products or services.

Additionally, we can “re-target” viewers at a later date. Within Facebook, we have the incredible ability to build audiences of people who have watched your video. This audience is now a warm audience, who are aware of your brand and your story. These people are likely to convert on future offers.

These 4 Facebook Ad plays make up the bulk of what we use to drive immediate sales for our small business clients. These tricks are collectively responsible for millions in sales for our clients.

When you combine just one of these tactics with our “Direct Branding” formula, you have a winning recipe that will have your small business taking on all it can handle!


Option one: learn more about the Direct Branding approach by going HERE.

Option Two: download our easy four-step guide to Facebook video commercials that sell HERE.

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WARNING: This is only for businesses that are comfortable spending money on advertising.