Digital Branding… The Future of Business

Whether you are a local business or a national brand, your digital brand is the future of your company. Everything that your company has ever done or will ever do will be available online and everything that is logged online becomes part of your permanent brand.

Consumer behavior has changed massively in the last 10 years. The change has been led by millennials but millennials are teaching their Gen-X and Baby Boomer parents to do the same thing. Oodles of information are available. Consumers consume information prior to consuming products. Think about how you shop…

Many times, you learn about a new product, service, or idea via social media. If not, when you have a need you do a google search. Thus begins your research. It is ALWAYS done online first. You read reviews, you check out websites, and you watch videos on youtube. You get educated prior to ever picking up the phone to call a sales rep, sending an email, walking into a brick and mortar store, or adding an item to your online shopping cart.

The glory days of the used car salesman are over. The hard sales techniques don’t work anymore, especially not on the internet. Consumers are consumers of information before they are consumers of product. You aren’t selling to customers that rely on your sales reps expertise to get their information. Many times you are selling to customers that know more than your sales reps.

What does this mean? It means if the presence of your brand online isn’t awesome, you are at a major disadvantage. Sure, you may be able to makes some sales, but if you want to build a business that is going to last, even if you don’t sell online, you must build your brand online. Tell a story and engage your audience in the places where your audience hangs out online. The best digital brand wins, period.

How do you build your brand? It’s no secret at this point. Content! Content marketing is a buzzword and nobody likes clichés but it is true. Content Marketing is the only marketing that is left. All forms of traditional advertising have been showing diminishing returns for a long time. Even the almighty Google has reported several years in a row that click-through rates of google adwords are dropping. By all means, continue to use them but don’t expect them to continue to produce the same way. Furthermore, understand that all those things can do is bring people to your site. If the users who arrive don’t connect with your story or products when they arrive, they will not convert.

The game has changed. If your potential customers don’t see the story you are telling online, via social media, via your owned channels (your website), and even your paid advertising, you will not have traction with your audience. To build a lasting brand you have to stick with it and start laying out a story that resonates with your consumers and engages users on the channels they are paying attention to.

Spend that extra hour every day to put out a blog post every week. Spend the extra money to hire the most expensive videographer you can afford so you can have an incredible video story of your company when users visit your site. It was important 10 years ago. It is imperative now. In 10 more years companies that don’t do it will be impossible to even find.

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WARNING: This is only for businesses that are comfortable spending money on advertising.